Convert Your Videotapes to DVD & Digital Files

We Can can digitize your old videotapes to play on any modern device..

Be prepared for the future! Order MP4 or Windows AVI. files with your video tape transfer to view your movies on any modern device. Each tape  convert vhs to digital format, Your tapes are returned to you. 7-day Service.


looking to  convert vhs to dvd. to protect your memories.

Video Tape Transfer

Vhs transfer to DVD or CD

You get long lasting DVDs from your tapes.
Each tape transferred to a separate DVD. 

Play on your Devices

Get the playable format you need

Order DVDs and MP4 digital files. Edit your video.
Watch video on your phone or digital device or usb drive. We can provide streaming service on the web for your videos. Streaming is an add on service.

DVDs - MP4 digital files

Play on the device of your choice

Each tape copied to a separate DVD from VHS,  Your tapes are returned to you 7-day Service MP4 video files available from each tape


TapesFormatTurn around timeCharge
One TapeWin. Avi, MP47 daysR150-00 each
2 - 10Win. Avi, MP47 daysR135-00 each
11 - 29Win. Avi, MP410 daysR120-00 each
30 - 50Win. Avi, MP414 daysR99-00 each

We can provide a drop off and pickup service. Please contact us for this service price. Got questions about making your videos web streamable.