Convert Your Videotapes to DVD & Digital Files

We Can can digitize your old videotapes to play on any modern device..

Be prepared for the future! Order MP4 files with your video tape transfer to view your movies on any modern device. Each tape copied to a separate DVD, Your tapes are returned to you. 7-day Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Everything will be returned with your completed order. Video Tapes will be returned bundled in plastic zipper bags with the DVD created from each tape. 

If you aren't sure of how many Video Tapes you have, give us a call. We can help you get a rough idea of how much you may have. If you already have a rough idea, but aren't sure it's correct, you may still add your estimated quantities to your cart, and place an order using our online checkout. When you check out, choose the "Contact Me For Payment" option instead of using a credit card or PayPal. Once we have received your order, we will give you a call and discuss your material with you, and provide you with an estimate.

There are three ways to place an order with us.

First, you may use our easy online ordering system. Pick the Video Tape package that best serves your needs. Enter your quantities, and click "Add To Cart." Then complete our online checkout to place your order. You will receive a confirmation email that details your purchase, and includes directions on how to pack and ship your items to us.

Second, if you are in the Durbanville Area, you can bring your material to us. We will discuss with you, face to face, the in's and out's of your material and provide you with an estimate. We can also ship your order once it is complete if you would like to avoid a return trip. Be sure to view our Map and Directions.

Third, you may fill out our printable order form and address label. Fill out the form with your information, and a rough estimate of your material, sign the form, and include it inside the package you ship to us. We will contact you when we receive your package to confirm your order. Click Here to download the form.

We can accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover through our online checkout, as well as via telephone. When you checkout, we also give you the option to pay via check, or have us contact you for payment. If you have any questions about our ordering process, or if you have any difficulty, please give us a call; we will be happy to work with you.

Normal in-lab turnaround is 5 to 7 working days, a bit longer during the holidays. Allow extra time for shipping or pickup and drop off.

We create our DVD's according to industry standards for Video and Data DVD's. Our DVD’s will play on nearly any stand-alone DVD player. If your DVD player was manufactured after 2001 and reads DVD-R media (the most common type), it’s likely to play the DVD. Some Blu-Ray players will not play any type of recordable media, please consult your player's owner's manual to determine compatibility with DVD-R type media.

We can also make your vhs / cd / dvd /  tapes web streamable. This is a seperate service and will require a Domain name, hosting and a basic index page on our servers.